parisians, nous vous aimons

Over the last week we’ve been preparing some materials to help us share about our upcoming move to Paris to start a church with Christian Associates. A key part of any sharing about your ministry is to communicate the need that you will play a part in filling. After brain storming a bit we thought …
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Paris Vs NYC

September 18th, 2012 | Posted by Paul Prins in General - (0 Comments)

Paris and New York share a lot of similarities as Mega-Cities in the world. They are both very dense, drive culture, and have their own quirks/nuances. This video points out some of the differences in a fun way. For those of you who’ve supported us so far these illustrations might look a bit familiar. We found …
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3 Steps to Paris

June 5th, 2012 | Posted by Paul Prins in Preparation - (0 Comments)

A few years ago now Jordan and I spent time in prayer and discernment to understand what it would take for us to get to Paris. We landed on three steps that would need to be accomplished before we felt comfortable starting to plant our church. These three steps are (in no particular order): Paul …
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