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Why Christian Associates

Christian Associates (CA) exists to plant churches throughout the world. They have a strong presence in Europe and have a further emphasis on urban centers. These two reasons really drew us to CA.

As we were looking at different organizations our ‘check list’ included the following points:

  • Would allow us freedom to contextualize ministry as needed.
  • Would provide accountability to personal and ministry goals.
  • Access to mentors who could help us continue in our personal development.
  • Enable us to raise/process donations in the US and Europe.
  • Resources to help us in ministry transitions.
  • Be comprised of people who we can relate to, and find ourselves friends with.
  • Have a theologically diverse group of staff.
It was great to discovery CA, and as we got to know them better we found that all of the items from our list were addressed, and even more then that. We feel really blessed to have found this organization, and it just feels like a really good fit for us. We came on staff with them in the spring of 2012 after our missionary assessment. The assessment process left us emotionally worn out, but feeling honored, known, and understood (an impressive feat for only 3 days).
We are excited to be on this journey with them, and looking forward to what God will continue to do through the men and women who comprise CA. Below are some highlights from their website, for a more detailed information I would encourage you to look at their site.

More about CA

Learn more about Christian Associated by watching the video above, and checking out their website at

Their Mission:
The mission of Christian Associates is to establish churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world

Their 10 Core Values:

  1. Kingdom Focuses
  2. Biblically based and worshipful
  3. Grace oriented
  4. A dynamic view of the Holy Spirit
  5. Purpose centered and people minded
  6. Developmental and gift based
  7. Facilitative in leadership
  8. Entrepreneurial
  9. Balancing the strategic and supernatural
  10. Authentic and transparent