parisians, nous vous aimons

Who Are We

Jordan and Paul were married in January 2007. Most of the content on this site reflects their life together and their shared passion for the French to fall in love with God. Below read a bit of our individual biographies.


I grew up in a very Christian home. We were always involved in anything going on in church, including missions. Serving God with my whole self in another country was always something I knew I would do, from the moment I realized it was possible. I can’t really explain it, but it was always just something I knew I would inevitably do.

College was really the first time I had the privilege of serving others overseas. I took several trips to a few western European countries, all with very similar spiritual climates. I fell in love with the people in France, but my heart broke when I started to talk to them and hear they had no love for the God I grew up knowing – the God I knew loved them so much. France used to have such a rich history with our God – but the last 100 years have really taken a toll on that. There is so much I believe God wants to do there – and I feel so blessed we’ll be there, playing a tiny role in whatever He has us do.


The need in France was first brought to my attention my Freshman year of College. That summer I went to see for myself, and to participate in what God was doing there. It quickly became clear that this is where God was calling me, and I went back for another year before graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2007. I continued my studies at Bethel Theological Seminary where I received my Masters of Divinity (emphasis on Preaching and Communications) in the spring of 2012.

In my previous life I was a semi-professional freestyle skier who had a number of corporate sponsors, and was fortunate enough to run regional events, produce films, and write for international publications. I am also a businessman, currently running his second company (a software development company).


Added to the family in 2008 he is full of fuzz and a great little cat. He spends his free time sleeping or watching the people and traffic from our windows.

If you get to know Maximus, you will know he is your friend by the incessant licking of your hair – and if you’re really lucky, a head-butt styled nuzzle.



If Max is the little fuzzy addition to the family, then Pepe is the huge furry friend of our family. Weighing in at just about 100 pounds, he is the big baby of the household. He loves cuddling and sitting on your lap..or the lap of two or three, as he really doesn’t fit on one person’s lap anymore, though he thinks he still does. He will bring a smile to your day, no matter what.